Your organisation counts on you to keep costs down and keep it compliant, while delivering the software essential for business success. Limited visibility of what you are using, the challenge of measuring this against complex licensing metrics and the lack of reliable data for forecasting future needs, often stands between you and your goals

Our award winning Platform, Core Control, brings together resource data from all of your environments – including those virtualized and in the Cloud, with advanced algorithms to baseline each vendor, enabling you to become compliant, demonstrating how to reduce your software spend often by up to 30%, and to plan and budget for future change. All of this while giving you the key information to proactively manage renewals. Imagine a world where you have the visibility to better manage people, projects, compliance and vendors and to confidently deliver the technology that will transform your organisation. Core Control makes this a reality.


And build an accurate and comprehensive view of your software and vendor ecosystem – updated dynamically as changes occur
And amplify the business benefits of SAM with Core Control’s easy integration with any source data and leading ITSM and Finance Platforms
Overall performance of software investments, including historical trends and future requirements. See operational (Alerts, Renewals) and business (Performance, cost, utilisation) metrics, to deliver a better business service
Licenses, subscriptions and contracts quickly, to save money and drive efficiency - and deliver new vendors and services to support business objectives, with a robust framework to ensure success
Proactively Manage
Hybrid IT Vendors to drive value from your investments throughout the lifecycle - from negotiation, to audit, to redeployment, renewal and retirement
The organisation to make the right decisions when adopting transformational technologies through our powerful and adaptive scenario modelling and planning capabilities
  • Core Discovery
    Successful SAM starts with an accurate understanding of where you are today

  • Core Manage
    Automatically match installations against entitlements to give unparalleled insight into your risks and opportunities

  • Core Insight
    Unparalleled insight into your business risks and opportunities

  • Core Modelling
    Accurately model the best options to drive business change

Concorde delivers Enterprise class SAM solutions for Hybrid IT